At this time and day (this entry is backdated) I married Sarah Kanel who is now known as Sarah Householder :D
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I am writing an IRC Bot in C++, and it is going ok except for one big problem. A few days ago I noticed that my 'bot.exe' jumps in size after a while, let me explain. I compile my bot and it is around 44KB ( this is the normal size of the bot ) and it is pretty much 100% UD to antiviruses. Then maybe a few hours later the bot is now 218KB, and EVERY antivirus classifies it as W32/Parite. I am compiling under Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 / Release Mode. I have no clue why this is happening, any ideas/suggestions?

EDIT: I am pretty convinced this happens to EVERY thing I compile, harmless EXEs now show up as W32/Parite, any ideas?
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Don't think to yourself "hey I wonder what my ex-girlfriend is up to" and then read her blog and see that she's now back in the same state as you and then spend all day thinking about her instead of getting any work done and then being kind of sad for a while.

Definitely don't do that.
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a word of advice

If you buy a motorcycle, get the motorcycle, the M on your license, and the gear all at the same time. Otherwise you will do something illegal, stupid, or just really really want to ride your bike and not be able to :(
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I just bought a 2004 Kawasaki Ninja 500R. Oh boy!
I'm picking it up tomorrow and buying gear and then it will be time for awesomeness!
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Jumper sucks

Spoilers, but who cares, the movie sucked:

I read Jumper as a kid, and I thought it was great. It was great for the same reason that the Spiderman movie was great. It portrayed a kid who suddenly gains a ridiculous power, and has to decide what to do with it. It doesn't just build a character, it builds a connection with the audience. Everyone thinks about what they would do with that power, and evaluates the choices the character makes.

Jumper: the movie has none of those things.

In the book, Davey is the only person on Earth who has ever teleported as far as anyone knows. There is no "Paladin" group that kills jumpers, there is no british-accented guy who jumps cars around. He doesn't damage walls and move things around when he teleports, nor does he make a huge noise. He is not some millionaire teleporting playboy that uses his power to sleep with random girls and then vanish.

The movie also glosses over the fact that he needs to acquire all those jump points, that would have made for some interesting story, but who cares, have another shot of Davey sitting on top of the Sphinx.

There's also the minor plot hole that no normal human could ever, Ever, EVER defeat a jumper in a fight. If the human was in a tank, and the jumper was naked, he still couldn't win. It's just not possible. And yet these dumbass Paladins seem to be able to get the drop on them all the time.

The crap with his mom was just dumb, the love interest was dumb, Samuel Jackson's character was dumb, the other jumper was dumb, the magical cable shooty sticks were dumb, and this movie was dumb.
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Billy just came over to ask Ki and me about supporting on Saturday night. I told him I was probably going to have to go to Dallas. "Why", he asks? "Oh you know the whole Easter thing: Jesus'll get resurrected, he'll stick his head outside the cave, and if he sees his shadow we'll have six more weeks of winter." At which point Mike looks up form his computer and tells me that was awful. If ever I can't shock people, all is lost.
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thanks assholes

"Hackers attack MySpace and Facebook" - no fucking kidding. Late Saturday night I noticed an installer suddenly pop up when I hadn't clicked anything in a minute or two. I closed it and then realized "hey, that's not just a pop up". I installed Ad-Aware and Spybot and oh boy, 37 spyware programs.


10 hours of work later, I finally got everything cleaned off. Hopefully my computer isn't secretly rooted or something.

I support the death penalty for spyware authors.
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